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Bishop Creighton Academy

Attendance Award Winners!

We all know that the more time we spend in school the more we can learn! That's why it is so important we come to school every day and have good attendance! Year 4 had the best attendance last term, so quite rightly, won a treat...
Upon finding out that we had the best attendance last term, as a class we discussed different ways we could celebrate! The children's ideas were put forward and after discussions with Mrs Smith and Mrs Redhead, it was decided that we would have a Year 4 picnic! Luckily, the sun was shining and we were able to take the parachute onto the field. We played the 'Change if..' game and everyone enjoyed running underneath the parachute! After some fun in the sun, we ventured to the bandstand where we sat to eat our lunch and Mrs Redhead stopped by to check how our picnic was going too!  After lunch the ice cream arrived, and suddenly Year 4 went very quiet.. It's safe to say the ice cream disappeared quickly! What a wonderful, well-deserved treat! Let's keep up the hard work Year 4, maybe we can be reigning champions! Year 4's attendnace during the Spring term was 96.6% - this is above the national average.
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