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Bishop Creighton Academy


We use Microsoft teams in a number of ways. We have teams set up for staff groups, both at a school and trust level, and for class groups. With staff - we use teams at a basic level for sharing information and as a platform to develop and capture professional dialogue with teachers regards the development of their teaching practice. Within our BCA_Primary team, we have set up channels linked to whole school development initiatives; these channels effectively encourage teachers to share stories, discuss strategies and promote thinking.

Children also access teams; they find it incredibly engaging due to the similarity with social media instant messaging but within a safe environment. Teams has enabled classes to introduce wider opportunities for flipped learning. Teachers share information (videos, images, websites) that relate to an upcoming lesson. The children then have opportunity to read, research and develop initial ideas about a topic before or outside of the lesson. This saves time within the lesson and also allows them to have absorbed an idea before/following discussion. In our oldest classes, pupils are driving the class teams channel out of school hours, supporting one another with key learning.  We have created rules for the use of teams to ensure remains learning focused.