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Bishop Creighton Academy

Physical Education


In line with our Whole-School Curriculum Intentions, and the Academy Improvement Plan (AIP), our PE Curriculum Journey aims to provide all pupils with a stimulating and inclusive educational environment in which:

  • spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development is promoted
  • our pupils are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life
  • pupils study a full curriculum which is coherently planned and sequenced toward building cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills
  • they learn to behave consistently well and develop positive attitudes and commitment toward their education
  • they have access to a rich set of experiences

At Bishop Creighton Academy our key aim is to inspire EVERY child to be passionate about Physical Education and Sport.  At school we believe that Physical Education and sport is for everyone! PE is the heart of our academy and we aim to give all pupils a love for PE, Sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle that continues throughout their lives.

We are a Microsoft Showcase school, recognised for exemplifying some of the best teaching and learning utilising technology in the UK.  In line with whole-school intent with regards to enhancing pedagogy through technology, our teachers use IT within PE where appropriate to heightened level of pupil engagement and personalise learning so that it better meets the needs of our diverse learners.


Our PE lessons are devised from the Primary PE Planning online Platform.   They allow for a consistent delivery and structure across the school.  The planning has been developed so that progression is built into the scheme (an exciting learning journey from Early Years through to KS2). This ensures our children are increasingly challenged, inspired and motivated in ALL PE lessons.  We believe that mastery is paramount allowing ALL children to feel confident and motor competent when learning key skills. The curriculum provides a foundation from Early Years to Key 2 for an ongoing development of Physical Literacy.  Our children receive an inclusive, broad and balanced programme of PE.  The curriculum is mapped to ensure that children participate in a wide range of activities.

Our planning is structured through the short, medium and long terms:

Short term lesson plans provide children with the opportunity to develop their skills, develop/build on knowledge & understanding while challenging all abilities. We strongly believe motor competence is key.  Children are given clear learning goals and expectations. The lessons allow for feedback, self/peer assessment through our progress-ometers. The children are also able to develop cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis of performance. Many lessons also have accompanying videos which model powerful demonstrations and through these the children develop a picture of what success looks like and can focus towards it.

Medium term planning provides an overview of each unit - it incorporates PE assessment criteria, physical, thinking, social and emotional key skills, cross curricular links and aspects of health and safety. With every unit of work, we have the PPP progression of key skills documents and knowledge organisers.  The knowledge organisers provide an overview of prior learning and highlight key terminology, rules and skills. Incorporated within each unit is the second pillar of progression: Rules strategies and tactics that can be through competition, personal bests and teamwork.

Long term planning is created through a curriculum map, this is devised through collaboration with colleagues and children. We also ensure pupil voice- (through Microsoft Forms and individual feedback) is valued. We also link with topic areas (where appropriate), creating strong cross curricular links.  Connective planning also incorporates seasonal, local, national and global events including, for example, SSP competitions, Wimbledon, World Cups, amongst many others.

All planning is underpinned by our PE progression document:


PE is an essential part of the curriculum and through our PE lessons children develop their physical literacy and key skills giving them the tools to become physically confident and motor competent.  Our High-Quality PE curriculum focuses on the whole child, developing their physical, social and thinking skills. Our PE is provided in a safe and supportive environment and is vital and unique in its contribution to a child’s physical and emotional development and health and wellbeing.

We provide opportunities for the children to compete against themselves and others during PE lessons, building character and developing our academy key values including justice (fair play), respect, courage, compassion and wisdom. As well as communication, collaboration, commitment, leadership and teamwork.

Our school aims are linked to those in line with the PE national curriculum, which are to ensure that all children:

  • Develop competence in a broad range of physical activities
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Understand how to improve in different physical activities and sports and know how to evaluate and recognise their own success.
  • Lead healthy, active lives

The ‘Three pillars of progression’ are embedded throughout our curriculum:

These include:

  1. Motor competence – knowledge of the range of movements that become increasingly sport- and physical activity-specific
  2. Rules, strategies and tactics – knowledge of the conventions of participation in different sports and physical activities
  3. Healthy participation – knowledge of safe and effective participation

All pupils in Key Stage 2 have two PE sessions each week. One session is delivered by their class teacher and the other session is delivered by a Youth Dreams Project sport coach.

Click here to view our whole academy curriculum overview for Physical Education