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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our learning - Spring 2015

After a much needed Christmas break, we are all back and eager to learn.

We will start the Spring term off with a topic on dinosaurs. Our role play area, "The Dinosaur Den" will see children exploring dinosaur bones, digging for dinosaurs and recording their findings as they become budding palaentologists.

We will be visiting Peterborough Museum who have a fantastic collection of dinosaur remains.

In maths we will be using the language of 'longer' and 'shorter' as we measure objects. We will also continue to consolidate our counting and ordering of numbers to 20. Using "Harry and the dinosaurs" we will explore addition and subtraction.

In literacy we will be writing letters, captions and dinosaur facts as we create our own dinosaur encyclopedia.

If you have any books, photos or dinosaur related resources at home that you would like to share with us please do bring them in. 


The children have decided to continue with an animal theme for the second half term with a topic called "The Animal Fair".  We will start off by looking at pets we have in our homes or pets we would like to own before we move on to learn about other types of animals that we might find in a zoo or on a farm.

Our role play area will be a vets where will we get to take on the role of a vet, nurse, receptionist or animal owner.

In literacy we will be writing facts about animals, creating 'Lost!' and 'Wanted!' posters and reading a range of animal texts such as Dear Zoo, Giraffes can't dance, The animal boogie.

To link with our vets, we will be learning about money by buying items in the vets such as dog biscuits, pet food and pet toys. Initially we will focus on 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. We will also learn to count in steps of 2 and 10 to help us with counting our money.

We will be exploring Rousseau's 'Tiger in a tropical storm' as part of our Expressive Arts & Design work and creating our own version to go on display.

We hope to go on a trip to Woburn Safari Park to explore lots fo different animals.