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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our learning - Autumn 2014

We will be starting the year by learning all about ourselves through our topic "Marvellous Me!"

In the early days there will be lots of emphasis on learnnig the routines of school, making friends and sharing equipment.

We will talk about our families and friends, our homes and our interests. We will consider what makes us happy and sad and learn to look out for each other, helping out when a friend feels sad or gets hurt. We will discover how amazing our bodies are by looking at the 5 senses of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. During PE and outdoor play we will explore how flexible our bodies are and also develop gross motor skills such as running, hopping, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing.


Autumn 2 - After a much needed week off shool, we are ready to launch ourselves into what is a very busy, yet exciting half term! Our learning will initially be based around Superheroes. The children were very keen on this in their play last half term, so we have gone with their interests to hopefully excite and engage them in their learning!

We will begin by thinking of all of the superheroes we know such as Batman, Spiderman, Tree Fu Tom, Superman and Power Rangers to name a few. We will explore their special powers, how they move, what they wear etc. We will also ensure we make equipment such as eye masks, wrist cuffs and badges to help transform ourselves into superheroes. From this we will move on to thinking about the superheroes in our homes and community such as mums and dads, then also fire fighters, police, nurses and doctors. The half term will end with 2 weeks of Christmas topic where we will look to see where Santa lives before we write our lettters to him. Oh, and we will also try to squeeze in enough time to rehearse for our very own nativity production where we will all get to dress up and stand on stage in front of lots of our friends and family as we sing and dance our little hearts out (while mums and dads shed a happy and proud tear or two!!).