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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our Learning - Spring 2016

We will launch of theme of 'Bears' in the Spring term. This theme lends itself well to lots of imaginative play both indoors and also outdoors in our lovely new outdoor learning environment.

During the term we will listen to and become very familiar with the following stories; Goldilocks and The Three Bears; We're Going On A Bear Hunt; Peace at Last. The children will have the chance to retell the stories both orally and by sequencing pictures and writing words/sentences.

In Maths and PE using the large apparatus we will develop our positional vocabulary language of over, under, through, behind, in front of, next to, inside, beside, on top of.

We hope to spark the children's imaginations to looking for bears around the academy grounds. We will investigate different environments bears live in and use the globes and Google Earth to locate these places.

Chinese New Year falls the week before half term, so we will incorporate that into our plans. Panda bears feature in the Chinese calendar, but this year it is the Year of the Monkey. The children will taste a range of Chinese food and learn some interesting things about China.

Our bears theme will continue after half term before moving to focus on the Christian festival of Easter.