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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our Learning - Autumn 2015

The first term at school is always a very busy and exciting term. It's a time of 'New Beginnings' for everyone. There's so much to explore within the indoor and outdoor classrooms which keeps the children so busy!

Our theme for the Autumn term is 'Autumn at School'. Within this we will explore;

*Starting school - getting used to new routines and where everything lives in the classroom

*All about me - what my body can do and how I can look after it, our families

*Special times and special objects - we will talk about special times we have had with our friends and families and also share something special from our homes such as a favourite teddy bear, a special photo.

*Harvest - we will have a walk to the local market to see lots of different fruits and vegetables, some of which we will buy! We will explore our freshly bought fruit and vegetables using our senses before we then use some of them to do printing with or make into soup. We will also take part in our academy harvest festival assesmbly.

*Autumn - we will explore our academy grounds as we hunt for leaves, pine cones, conkers and acorns amongst other autumnal treasures while talking about the changes that happen to the trees.

*Colours - Using the stories 'Elmer' and 'The Rainbow Fish', we will explore colour and rainbows. We will also celebrate bonfire night by making some sparkly pictures and model rockets.

*We will end the term by learning about Christmas and how we celebrate in this country as well as around the world. We will also be making our first appearance on stage as we present a Christmas nativity to our parents and friends.