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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our Learning - Autumn 2013

During the Autumn Term we will begin to teach reading and writing through the phonics scheme, Jolly Phonics. New letter sounds will be introduced daily to the children, and they will soon begin to recognise and write individual sounds and start to blend sounds together to read short words. Children will also focus on counting, recognising, writing, and ordering numbers 0-10, adding one more and one less to a group of objects, and creating and describing repeating patterns.    

Our topic during the Autumn first half term is 'Journeys and travel'. The topic web can be found by clicking on the picture below;    


After half term we start to get excited about the Christmas play! We will begin by exploring bonfire night and the festival of Diwali, before we move on to celebrate National nursery rhyme week (11th-15th November). We will spend three weeks exploring different nursery rhymes before we immerse ourselves in the festivities of Christmas for the last three weeks of the term.

On 2.12.13 we visited Stibbington. Click here to see some of our photos