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Bishop Creighton Academy

Onederful OneNote

Pupil engagement: “Children get through so much more work; using OneNote for example, or Teams they will return to their work out of hours and that's what we see that's transformational: they’re really taking ownership of their own learning.” Vicki Redhead, Principal, Bishop Creighton Academy, Microsoft Customer Stories

All of our Upper Key Stage Two classes effectively teach the majority of their daily lessons via OneNote. We see the impact this personalised learning is having on both the ability to flip learning, increase levels of pupil engagement, provide swift and effective feedback and extend opportunities for learning beyond the school day.

OneNote is an online digital notebook in which work is organised into sections and pages. Children record their learning in their own personal OneNote, but also have access to teacher models and lesson resources from the content library. The Collaboration Space allows multiple pupils to work collaboratively at the same time on a single document. OneNote allows the children to type, digitally ink and highlight depending on what best suits the task, as well as insert online videos, Microsoft Forms, audio notes and images.