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Bishop Creighton Academy

Educational Technology

Microsoft has recognised our academy as part of an elite group of schools that exemplifies some of the best teaching and learning utilising technology in the UK since 2019. 

This is what we learnt about education transformation when we engaged with Microsoft . . .

We believe we are in a powerful position to influence how technology is used both in the classroom and beyond the walls of our academy. Put simply, we are preparing our children for a world that does not yet exist – but one thing is certain it will require children to be digitally literate. When using technology, we see a heightened level of pupil engagement and an opportunity for our teachers to personalise learning so that it better meets the needs of our diverse learners.

This sketchnote from TeachThought presents perfectly “The 7 habits of highly effective teachers who use technology”. Our vision for use of technology makes clear that we only use technology if we have a reason to do so & that use of tech increases pupil engagement (fact) and as such makes greater impact on outcomes. 

Our education transformation

We embrace the SAMR model, ensuring our use of technology is transformational in terms of maximising opportunities for deeper learning.

To find out more about our use of technology or  to arrange a visit please contact us.