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Bishop Creighton Academy

Careers & employability

 Trustees rightly focus on ensuring that older key stage 2 pupils are ready for secondary education. This encompasses their academic achievement and invests in ‘character counts’, the trust’s programme for developing aspiration and motivation. Ofsted, Feb 2018

We subscribe fully to the vision and ethos of Your Character Counts; a strategy aimed at developing the Characteristics and Personal Capabilities of GAT Children and Young People”. The aim of the strategy is ultimately to ensure outstanding progress for all pupils, regardless of starting points and disadvantage, through the development of academic rigour, alongside personal capabilities. At the core of the strategy is the development of self-worth and self-belief.

We hold the view that all our pupils have the potential to acquire the essential personal capabilities and positive characteristics to be successful. These are innate; but both social disadvantage and low aspiration in the home mean that some of our pupils enter our academy missing the early opportunities to develop these essential attributes.

We also hold the view that from the moment a child enters our academy, we have a responsibility to nurture and develop her/him through both academic rigour and the building of character so that each person can be successful in life, breaking the cycle of disadvantage within our communities. We must ensure that pupils develop, independently, a range of attitudes and characteristics that will define them as positive individuals willing to contribute constructively to society.

The “Your Character Counts” strategy will focus on both developing personal capabilities and broadening horizons by enriching the curriculum and connecting with the wider community.

The academy holds the Skills Builder Silver Award 2021 - 24. Click here to find out more