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Bishop Creighton Academy

Brrr it's icy cold!

What an exciting learning opportunity this morning to find a thick layer of ice in the tuff spot outdoors!

The children were delighted to see that the water that had been in the tuff spot had turned to ice overnight. They were fascinated by the tiny bubbles trapped within the ice.

Through touching the sheet of ice they used words such as smooth, cold, frozen, icy, shiny, sparkly, spotty, bubbles, to describe the ice. There was a great discussion about how the ice got there;

Elsa freezed all the water and make it so cold

Alicia Grace

The water got too cold and then it was frozen. It's all hard and ice now.


Once we had established that water had frozen to form the ice, we also talked about whether the ice would ever be water again.

If the sun shines on the ice then it will make it go to water again. The sun is a bit shining and make the ice sparkly and then melt. It goes to water when it melts.


The children had great fun exploring how to break up the ice and then scoop it up in their little nets. They watched as the water started to drain through as it was melting or from the water that was trapped underneath the sheet of ice.