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Bishop Creighton Academy

Fish-tastic learning!

What better way to learn about fish than to have a real fish in the classroom?!

Following our visit to Skegness Aquarium, the children have been fascinated with how fish move and live in the water. Tim, the sea bream, came to class to help the children understand more about fish.

The children began by looking closely at the body of the fish with magnifying glasses and compared it to their own bodies;

He has got two eyes and a mouth like me. Has he got a nose to smell things? I don't think I can see one!


I have got legs to walk, but a fish hasn't got legs. They have these fins and a tail. They wiggle the tail from side to side and they go that way [forwards] in the water.


It's got lots and lots of teeth in his mouth. I can see them all sticking up. I think he got more teeth than me!


After much discussion and debating answers to their questions the children picked up their drawing pencils and got busy making observational drawings of the fish. They worked carefully to get the shape of the fish, the fins and tail correct. They then used the magnifying glasses to look closely at the intricate markings and the scales on the body. Once they had drawn their fish they used water colours to add colour to their fish. There was a great deal of experimenting to be had to ensure that colours were mixed to match that of the fish.

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