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Bishop Creighton Academy

Maths with Jack!

What a busy week of learning we have had!

This week has been Maths Week in our academy. In Penguin Class we LOVE maths! For us, maths is everywhere and a big part of everything we do. One of the first tasks each day is counting the number of children in school and then how many children are having a hot school lunch, packed lunch or going home for lunch. Staff incorporate lots of mathematical language into everyday learning such as;

"Which shapes did you use to build your castle?" 

                                                                                                 "Which container will hold the most water?"

"If you shared the cookies between you and your friends how many would you have each?"

                                                                                                      "Who is taller than the measuring stick?"

The children have enjoyed lots of different activites this week which have included different elements of maths.



Jack set the children a challenge in the outdoor classroom. He wanted to know which container woulf hold the most beans. When he was at the Giant's castle he had seen a huge sack full of beans that once they had grown, would produce beans of solid gold! He was planning on going back up the beanstalk with a container to steal as many of the beans as he could.

The children working well together measuring how many scoops each container would take. Before doing this the children had a go at predicting which container would hold the most. Several children thought it would be the tall cyclinder "Because it is very tall", but were surprised to discover that the shorter container held much more.

It's got lots and lots of beans inside it. That's because it is a very fat pot. That tall one is very skinny!





Using the Beebots the children have been using their positional vocabulary of forwards, backwards, turn, left, right. They have been learning to programme Beebot to visit different characters/objects from the story.



As we have been learning about the properties of shapes, the children have put their knowledge to good use by building castles for the giant. The children have also explored which shapes are good for building a tall structure. As we are all very clever with 2D shape names, the children are now learning the correct names for 3D shapes!

The cubes and cuboids are good to make it tall cos they got flat sides


I put all the cylinders standing up and it was very tall. They are flat, but the sides are curved. I can't build it on the sides, it just rolls away.