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Bishop Creighton Academy

Porridge Tasting!

Just like Goldilocks did, we have been tasting porridge this week!

We are continuing to explore the story "Goldilocks and The Three Bears". This week the children were very keen to explore porridge and asked if we could make some to try. Working in groups, the children all got to make and eat porridge.

In the story we have read in class, Goldilocks ate porridge that was too salty, too sweet and one bowl that was 'just right'. After a class discussion about what we add to our porridge at home, or what we could add, the children requested a tasting station where they could taste different flavours and then vote on their favourite. We tried porridge with;

*chopped banana


*grated chocolate


*sprinkle of sugar

Amidst mouthfuls of porridge and lots of "delicious" and "mmmm" noises from the children, we talked about the different flavours and how they make the porridge taste and feel in our mouth. After casting their votes, the children had decided that banana was their favourite.