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Bishop Creighton Academy

Teddy Day 8.1.18

To launch our Bears theme we had a 'Bring your teddy to school' day!

The theme for the Spring term is 'Bears'. Today the children were all invited to bring a teddy bear (or other cuddly toy) to school for the day and the bears were all very excited to be part of Penguin Class for the day!

The morning started with everyone having a chance to talk within a small group about their bear - what it looks like, why it is special to them, where they got it from and also how long they have had it. We discovered that many bears were actually quite new! Some children even got their bear for Christmas, so their bear was very new! After having a chance to talk about our bears we went off into groups and did some bear activities;

* Writing a sentence to describe our own bear 

*Threading large pictures of bears using colourful boot laces

*Using brown play dough and different sized teddy bear cutters to make our own bear family

*Collaging an outline of a bear with a range of materials while using describing words to talk about how the materials feel.

Many of the bears joined in with the activities, but for messier activites like the collage and play dough, the bears watched from a safe distance, so as not to spoil their fur!


The bears all sat keeping a watchful eye over the classroom while the children ate their lunch!

This afternoon we played a guessing game with some of the bears. Four bears were chosen to sit smartly at the front of the class. Mrs Baldock secretly chose one of the bears and started to describe it. As soon as we thought we knew which bear was being described, we put up our hands. We all listened very carefully and quickly made the right guess! Some of us continued this game independently this afternoon with a little group of friends.

Also on offer this afternoon was;

*Painting a picture of our teddy

*Making a teddy family with playdough and teddy cutters

*Writing words to describe what our bears looks and feels like



At the end of the day the children and bears sat for reflection time on the day. All agreed that it had been a really fun day! All of our amazing work from today and the rest of the week will be going on display in the classroom. We can't wait to share our work with everyone that visits!

"My bear is pink and fluffy" Donya

"My bear is called Hamley. It has a green ribbon around his neck and it is all soft" LIllya

"My bear has a red jumper" Uchenna

"My bear has really big eyes and they are pink" Maria


Click here to see photos of us with our bears