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Bishop Creighton Academy

It's nearly Christmas!!

Excitement is mounting as Christmas is fast approaching!

Today the children have enjoyed a fantastic festive day. 

The day started with a whole school pantomime of Robin Hood in the school hall. The hall echoed to the sound of children's cheers and boos when the different characters came on stage - we have our fingers crossed that we only hear cheers when we perform our nativity at the end of the week! 

At lunchtime we were treated to our annual Christmas lunch. There was a great deal of excitement as the children entered the hall and saw balloons and crackers laid on the tables. What a treat! This was followed by an even bigger treat when a turkey entered the hall!! Who'd have thought it possible! Mr Norrie, our CEO, also joined in the festive fun as he visited the academy this morning and stayed for lunch. 

During the afternoon the children were very calm considering the exciting morning they had had and did some fantastic learning about 3D shapes. Santa's helpers were busy in the workshop wrapping presents and describing each shape as well as using the correct shape names. 

After school the fun began again as parents and children filled the hall to spend their money at the Christmas fair. A big thank you to santa for giving up his precious time to come and visit the boys and girls and to hear what they would like for Christmas. Let's hope santa has a nice big sleigh to carry all of the presents! 

What a busy day!