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Bishop Creighton Academy

Fruit collage

We have been collaging pictures of fruit.

This week we started a mini theme of Handa's Surprise. The week started with reading the book. The children quickly identified that Handa did not live in the UK which prompted a look at the globe to work out where Africa and the UK are located. Several children were curious as to where their home countries are. With the help of Google Earth we flew around the world visiting Poland, LIthuania, Latvia, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya and Nigeria. The children were fascinated by this and have spent time looking at our class globe.

Fruit tasting proved very popular in class this week. We talked about the different fruits and looked on a map to see where they are grown. We talked about hot and cold climates and why the UK can't grow all of the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Following on from this, the children used a outline of a fruit to collage. They practiced both cutting and ripping paper into strips before rolling into balls. We experimented with glue sticks and PVA glue to decide which would make the paper stick best. We quickly discovered that the PVA glue was much messier than the glue stick!

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