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Bishop Creighton Academy

Composing Music in Year 6!

Year 6 develop their musical notation skills.
On a gloriously hot summer's day Year 6 had a lot of fun in the sun investigating a range of percussive instruments. Repeating musical patterns or phrases (known as ostinato) were created making effective use of the silent beats (musical rests) whilst at the same time maintaining a steady pulse and an original rhythmic structure. We worked hard listening and responding to our partners' ideas and thought carefully about developing a pleasing sound which appeals to the listener. If it got our toes tapping - we knew it was a good piece of music!
Tomorrow we will consider how our compositions can be recorded using traditional or alternative musical notation methods so that a fellow musician could also play our  music.
Well done, Year 6 - some beautiful music was made today.
Don't forget to take a look in the Gallery to see our musicians at work.