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Bishop Creighton Academy

Year 6 learn how to be a "superhero"!

Year 6 met Kamal Hyman who is a motivational speaker who wants to inspire young people to believe in themselves.

This morning Year 6 had a wonderful oportunity to meet a young man, Kamal Hyman, who helps young people become more like "superheroes". As a motivational speaker he encourages and inspires pupils to believe in themselves, raise their standards and "aim a little higher".
In addition to showing us that we should act like superheroes and always try to  do our best; Kamal introduced the idea of people having "chicken" and eagle" moments in life. A "chicken" moment is when we give up too easily or feel that the world owes us something. However, we should instead aim to have more "eagle" moments where we always strive for excellence and we believe in the mantra, "I owe me"!
But what did Year 6 make of the morning?
Samir : "I learnt from our assembly to never give up on your dreams and always try to achieve your goals."
Ethan: "Kamal taught me that, "The harder I work - the more I can play!"
Eliza: "Kamal is an inspirational person who tells that we should never give up. He came to our school thanks to our marvellous headteacher, Mrs Redhead"
Kaamilah: "He is an inspiring person who motivates students into looking into the future and never giving up."
At the end of our session with Kamal Year 6 came up with two slogans to take us all forward: "I've got it!" and, "We've got it!" 
Kamal has been truly inspirational today and has given Year 6 a great deal to think about in terms of not only the run up to SATs  but also in how we want to live our lives generally and what sort of people (or superheroes) we want to be in society; we now feel confident and masters of our own destinies!
Don't forget to look at all our wonderful pictures in our gallery revealing what a super time we had meeting our special guest today.