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Bishop Creighton Academy

Developing Quick Reaction Skills in PE!

Year 6  were asked to explain what they learnt and what skills they developed in PE today.
Year 6 had an exciting and fun-filled session of PE today with Mr Pickett; they wanted to share in our class blog exactly what they had learnt in the session. Philip explained that the purpose of today's lesson was develop quick reaction skills while using the PE equipment. Akan thought he had developed much more accurate ball control skills and Matthew agreed adding that his accuracy when throwing and catching had improved. Larisa believed that her agilty skills were honed today and Timothy thought that he had continued to further develop his team building expertise.
Well done year 6 - what a range of skills you improved in just one PE lesson.
Take at look at our photos in the gallery and see if you could hula hoop whilst throwing and catching tennis balls at the same time!