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Bishop Creighton Academy

Safer Internet Day for Year 6!

Year 6 spent the day investigating how to have fun whilst still staying safe on the internet.
"Safer Internet Day" blogs from Year 6!
Haytham: Tuesday 7th February 2017 is "Safer Internet Day": an event held every year to raise awareness about safety on the internet and how the internet can be a dangerous place if you don't use it wisely.
Kaamilah: Why do we have a "Safer Internet Day"? The reason why is so that children can learn how to keep safe whilst playing online. "Chatrooms", "gaming" and other social media platfroms have become very popular, for obvious reasons, during the 21st century but there is danger out there - so be sensible with your decisions. 
Maliha: Help the world be a safer place. Thereare five things you need to remember: "Be the change", "Be Sensible", "Be Careful", "Be Aware" and finally, "Be The Detective. Look on line to discover how you can use these simple tips to help you be safe when using the internet.
Alliyah: Today is  National Safer Internet Day so we should all think about how to stay safe when using social media. Here are a couple of my tips; beware which emojis you send to people and make sure you never, ever send out personal information!
Shayne: Today is "Safer Internet Day" where young people from all over the country help to make the internet a safer place. We have been talking about hackers, illegal sites and cyber-bullies and what we need to make sure we stay safe.
Samir: Why do we have a "Safer Internet Day"? Well, first it's important to keep children safe when "surfing"the internet. Be aware of "pop-ups" for competitions offering you millions of pounds or free gifts when all you need to do is enter your bank details! Stay away and let an adult know what you have seen!