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Bishop Creighton Academy


Would you like to find out what we discovered when a planetarium visited our school this week?
Year 6 travelled deep into space (via the school hall where an inflateable planetarium had been set up) to investigate the planets and stars in our solar system. Here are just some of the amazing things they discovered:
"We discovered that some planets are made out of gas and some are made out of rock."   Roshaan
"Jupiter has about 66 moons." Haroon
"Jupiter has volcanoes and sometimes they erupt."  Eliza
"We discovered that there really is a Death Star!"  Haytham
"I found out that Saturn's seven rings are made of dust."  Larisa
Wow - Year 6! What an amazing adventure you have had.  You clearly enjoyed the  experience travelling into space and I'm very impressed that you were able to travel there and back in one afternoon!