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Bishop Creighton Academy

Mysterious Materials!

Our new theme this half term is "Mysterious Materials" so Year 6 spent the afternoon investigating a very unusual material!

Year 6 combined a strange white power with a few drops of water and discovered something very unusual and mysterious which they decided to call "Gloop". After their introduction to this wierd mixture the class now want to investigate further and develop their scientific knowledge and understanding ; they want to find out how a mixture of cornflour and water can at times act like a solid but can also act like a liquid. How would we classify such a strange combination - liquid or solid? What would happen if the temperature of the water was changed - would this affect "Gloops" ability to change from solid to liquid and back again? Why does putting pressure or force on the "Gloop" make it change so quickly from liquid to solid? What would happen if we simply left "Gloop" standing on its own? Is this called a mixture in science or a solution? Is "Gloop" soluble or insoluble and just why does it have a slimy texture?

Well done Year 6 - your questions were brilliant! Lots of budding scientists at BCA wanting to discover more about the often strange and mysterious materials we can find all around us.

Don't forget to visit our photo gallery to see some more "Gloop" in action!