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Bishop Creighton Academy

Peterborough's Poet Laureate Visits Year 6!

Charley Genever, Peterborough's poet laureate came along today to help us celebrate National Poetry Day!
Have you ever met a poet laureate before? Do you know what one is? Well Year 6 were lucky enough today to not only get to find out what it means but to meet one in person too!
A poet laureate is a person who has been specifically appointed to write poems for special occasions and Peterborough's very own poet laureate, Charley Genever, came along to our school today to read some of her amazing poems and take a "master class" in poetry writing with our super Year 6 class.
After asking us to write down 8 facts about ourselves she helped us to write "All about me poems" after first of all sharing some funny information about herself! But that's just for Year 6 to know!
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