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Bishop Creighton Academy

How much money can we make?

As part of our theme on mini- enterprises we have been looking at how to keep to a budget. Each group was given a certain amount of money to spend on materials to make things to sell. 
The children had a selection of four craft items to choose from and how much the materials would cost to make them. Their challenge was to decide how many of each item to make and how much to charge for it so they made a profit. They only had a certain amount of money and needed to decide which products were likely to make the most profit and how many of each would it be best to make.
The children worked really hard on this activity even though it was quite challenging. They have not encountered this sort of problem before and had to work out how to cope with challenges such as how much would it cost per item if they spent a certain amount in total, what was a sensible amount to charge so they made a good profit but still made them likely to sell, how many of each item to make and should they make all the items or just focus on some.
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