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Bishop Creighton Academy

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

On Wednesday 18th May 2016 Year 5 and 6 had a fabulous (but a little damp) day at Old and New Hunstanton.

As part of our study of the United Kingdom the children in Year five and six visited Old and New Hunstanton to carry out a geography field study. While we were in Old Hunstanton we spent time on the beach looking at how the cliffs have been eroded by the weather, finding the shells of sea creatures and looking at how man has used natural wind breaks such as sand dunes for protection from the wind.

Whilst at Old Hunstanton we also looked at the remains of the abbey dedicated to St Edmund who was the last ruler of East Anglia. The children enjoyed learning the legend of the great wolf which had protected St Edmund's head (His head had been separated from his body by the invading Vikings) from the animals of the forest until his supporters found it and reunited it with his body.

We then had a breezy but enjoyable walk along the cliff tops to New Hunstanton were delicious fish and chips awaited us. The children had certainly earned their food that day! The fish and chips went down really well and with nice full bellies we ended our trip with a look around part of New Hunstanton comparing it to the old part. Unfortunately the weather was becoming increasingly worse and we headed back to the coach a little earlier than planned. It was a really fantastic and enjoyable day and the children gained a lot from it.

Click here to view our Hunstanton photo gallery.

These are some of the comments Year 5 they made after the day:
Evelina "I thought that it was a very enjoyable, fun trip especially picking the shells from the beach. I also loved the fish and chips."
Kaamillah "My favourite part of the trip was collecting the shells and studying the layers of the cliff."
Arturs "My favourite part of the day was collecting the shells and the fossils, and studying the cliff face."
Lydie "In Hunstanton the interesting part was when we were looking for shells. There were so many different kinds of fossils and shells with so many different colours too."
Haytham "I enjoyed learning about the pier and the cliffs. It was very interesting learning about the story of St. Edmund. The fish and chips were lovely too."