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Bishop Creighton Academy

Animal Art!

Year 6 have been creating beautiful art this week! 

Last Monday, we were lucky enough to spend a whole day with Mrs Duncan practising our art skills. We started by taking our pencil on a walk. We experimented with a range of different types of pencils and charcoal. We pressed hard then soft and created different textures by using different techniques. After practising this skills through different warm-up activities, we were ready to apply them to a piece of art work. We were all given photos of our faces (in black and white) but  only one half, we had to sketch the missing half.

With some determination and perseverance nearly everyone managed to complete a self-portrait! Miss Snell thought they were so good, she gave us another challenge… This time were had close up images of wild animals and we were allowed to experiment with colours!

After an incredibly successful art lesson, everyone managed to produce a beautiful animal drawing. They were so good, Mr Hooker even complimented the class on them! Due to the art being so brilliant and everyone enjoying it so much, Miss Snell had an idea. We were going to combine our human and animal drawing skills together to make a football-themed piece of art!

We chose football players from the England team and merged their faces with that of a lion! It might not be coming home but our art work certainly will be as it’s so fantastic!


Great work year 6! Super effort ad maximum concentration – well done!