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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our Literacy is Out of this World!

This week, we have combined our theme topic of Space with our Literacy learning.

This week, we have combined our theme topic of Space with our Literacy learning. We discussed a collection of poems called Cosmic Disco written by Grace Nichols, a poet born in Guyana. 

As a class we discussed and analysed the poem Cosmic Disco, we loved the poet's description of Space, referring to it as a ''dance floor of infinity'. We talked about how Grace Nichols used the metaphor of a disco to describe the Solar System, comparing orbiting planets with girls dancing. In groups we then attempted to learn sections of the poem off by heart to perform with actions to the rest of the class. We all agreed that performance is definitely something we need more practice of! However, nearly all of us managed to learn part of the poem off by heart! 

Next we moved on to writing our own poems! Inspired by Grace Nichols and our understanding of the Solar System we created word banks with ambitious vocabulary that would help us create imagery in our poems. Everyone worked really hard on their poems and some people were brave enough to share theirs by reading it out loud.

Finally, to finish off our week, we combined Cosmic Disco the poem and our scientific knowledge of Space to inspire some chalk and pastel artwork. Using photographs from books and the internet, individually we chose an aspect of the solar system to present in art form. The messy hands and tables were worth the beautiful artwork that was produced. It will not be displayed in the classroom!

What a brilliant week of learning! Make sure you look at the photo gallery to see all of the art work! I hope Year 6 enjoy their weekend, don’t forget that our spelling test will be on Monday, and you have challenge and Maths homework to complete!

Miss Snell