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Bishop Creighton Academy

Zone of Relevance

Today we delved into powerful emotions and feelings that are relevant to our Film Narrative focus film, The Piano by Aidan Gibbons. 
In Year 5 we are learning about Film Narrative in Literacy. For the duration of the unit we are  studying The Piaon by Aidan Gibbons. The short film shows an elderly man playing the piano, during his playing the film flashes back through his memories. The film has no speech or narration, purposely not providing any answers. We have made assertions as to who the characters are and we have discussed lots of ideas about what we think the director is implying. In today's lesson we studied the emotions present in the film. In small groups the children used Zones of Relevance boards to help them discuss and decide which emotions were illustrated. Some of the conversations and opinions were very mature and thoughtful. The extra challenge was to ensure we were describing emotions with ambitious vocabulary! After all of this brilliant group work and discussion, the children wrote a mini film review to give their own personal opinion of the emotions in the film. I was really impressed with the high level of discussion Year 5! Keep it up! 
Feel free to watch The Piano and see what emotions are provoked in you!