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Bishop Creighton Academy

A 'Booky' trip!

Today Year 5 visited Peterborough library as part of our Book Week celebrations!
This week is World Book Week, so to celebrate, Year 5 ventured to Central Peterborough library to explore the facilities the library had to offer and to complete 'booky' activities for the library display! We've been thinking about how reading books is like feeding our brains, so the library is a great place because there is so much choice! We found and read fictional stories, information books about race cars, instructions to make arts and crafts, books about Judaism (our focus in RE), books for our younger brothers and sisters, comics, picture books and we even found some books written about a sausage dog (Miss Snell's favourite!) by Michaela Morgan who is visiting BCA on Friday. What a brillian 'booky' activity! We can't wait to go again!
"I found my favourite book, Tom Gates in the Children's Fiction section. I really enjoyed my visit and I'd like to go back again." - Awat
"We found and read Goosebumps Choose Your Scare together! We'd rate it 10/10!" - Harry and Aissa
"It was fun to read a library book with Miss Snell, we read one of her favourite books, The Day the Crayons Quit!" - Daniela 
"I liked that we had the opportunity to recreate the front cover of our favourite books and draw our own to go on display at the library!" - Joycie
"It was fun to find and choose different books to read with my friends." - Fatumata 
"When I read The Day the Crayons Quit, my favourite crayon was the purple one!" - Taybah