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Bishop Creighton Academy

Lights, Camera, Action!

On Friday the 27th of January, Year 5 performed a moving piece of drama at Peterborough Regional College for Hollocaust Memorial day. 
Since November 2016, Year 5 have been working alongside Mark, from Small Nose Productions, to create a piece of drama to showcase at Peterborough Regional College to commemorate the lives lost in the Holocaust. On Friday the 27th of January, in below 0 temperatures, Year 5 ventured to PRC. On arrival, we were greeted by Mark and then entered the auditorium… It was huge! Lighting, cameras, the stage, lots of children, the technical team, the list just goes on! We were up first to rehearse, we used the microphones and got used to where to stand on the stage. After a busy morning of rehearsals and a quick lunch it was time for curtains up!
The auditorium filled with parent and lots of people from PRC, when everyone was in, the Mayor of Peterborough entered alongside Liane Segal. The drama was based around the story of Liane, who had to escape from Germany when she was 7 years old on the kinder transport because she was Jewish. It felt incredible to be able to actually meet and perform for Liane – she travelled all the way from London to watch us! Everyone did brilliantly, and other schools commented on how smart we look in our purple uniforms! Bishop Creighton couldn’t be more proud of year 5, what a fantastic experience!