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Bishop Creighton Academy

Year 5 journey into Space!

Today Year 5 had the oportunity to become astronauts in outer space! 
Today a Learning Dome visited BCA! We entered the dome and were taken on a tour around outer Space! We learnt about the Planets and their moons, we also found out about the first moon landing, and what Space was like 50 billion years ago! Here are some of our quotes from our learning dome experience. 

"The best experience, I learnt a lot." - Harry

"I liked learning about one of Jupiter's moons called IO because it had volcanoes on it, this is something new I learnt!" - Rolas

"I enjoyed learning about the galaxies, and the universe, they looked like spirals!" - Joycie!

"I felt like I was going to touch the stars!" - Zain

"It felt so real! It was like we were astronauts in Space!" - Fatumata

"I felt like I was on a rocket ship, seeing planets out of the window, I loved it!" - Olivia 

"I learnt that Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon!" - Hashim