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Bishop Creighton Academy

Bouldering, Wall Climbing and Fencing! Oh and lots and lots of food!

Well! Where do we even start? What a day! We have made it through the first day at Kingswood!
Well! Where do we even start? What a day! The nerves and excitment filled the school hall this morning, as well as lots of suitcases. After waving goodbye to the teachers and the mums and dads, we set off for West Runton! I think we were travellig for around 9 minutes before the first "Are we there yet?" was fired! After a long journey we finally arrived at Kingswood Residential centre, and in the distance we could see the sea! Up first was probably the most challenging activity of the day... making their beds!!!!! Myself, Mr Williams and Mrs Smith took great pleasure in watching the children try their very hardest to make their beds. After a long length of time struggling, they resulted in pairing up and working together, all of the children ended up with neatly made beds, so mums and dads, they can all start making their own beds from now on! After a quick tour it was time for lunch, there was lots to choose from and everyone found something they liked. With full bellies we were ready for the first activity..
Bouldering! This was a climbing wall that was very wide but short. The idea was to traverse side to side, not to go up and down. We worked in pairs, one person climbed whilst the other spotted! We played games and practiced skills. Next up was the indoor climb! A huge climbing wall!!! Again we all worked as a team to support the climber by holding the ropes, we had great fun and applied the skills we'd learnt previously in bouldering! After a very busy day it was definitely time for some dinner! Fish and chips or lasagne seemed to please everyone, followed by ice cream! Filled up from dinner, it was time for some fencing! We learnt a range of movements and then had the opportunity to practice our newly learnt attack and defense skills against a partner! For our final activity we were split into 4 teams and had to create rockets!! We then attached water balloons to the rockets and had to launch them! The aim was to land the rocket with the water balloom in tact. Unfortunately none of the balloons survived, but we had lots of fun watching the bottles whizz through the night sky!
To finish the day we had a hot cocoa and then got ready for bed. YEar 5 and 6 have completed their first day and they're now getting as much sleep as they can before another action packed day tomorrow! A brilliant first day, bring on tomorrow!
Miss Snell