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Bishop Creighton Academy

Happy National Poetry Day

Like many people across the county, Year 5 celebrated  National Poetry day!
On Thursday the 6th of October Year 5 got involved with the poetry celebrations! We spent time discussing the poem In Flanders Field written by the World War 1 soldier John Mcrae. We thought about how the poem made use feel and the imaery the poet created. It helped that we had been thinking about the soldiers in the trenches in WW1 in theme lessons too! Myself and Mrs Redhead were very impressed with the high quality discussions and the mature responses to the poem. Afterwards we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Collings from Kindred Drama! We had a workshop based around 'A Square Dance', another WW1 poem. The children created freeze frames of scenes from the trenches, we then performed to the rest of the school in a special assembly at the end of the day. Well done Year 5, great effort and enthusiasm!