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Bishop Creighton Academy

If a clock only had an hour hand, could we still tell the time?

In year 4 we've been using our mathematical skills to problem solve...
Learning to tell the time can be really tricky, but as we all know it’s a really important life skill! In year 4 we have looked at time in numeracy numerous times over the year. Today the children were faced with a puzzling question… On an analogue clock, is there ever a time, it looks like there’s only one hand? The children used clocks and lots of trial and error to see if they could solve the problem! They all knew that 12 o’clock would look like only one hand, but what other times would this be true for? They quickly began working on strategies and moving clock hands to see! They soon found out that 2:11 and 3:17 also looked like the clock only had one hand! Although they haven’t figured all of the times out, they tried really hard and showed great team work skills. Our next job is to see if we can identify and describe the pattern!