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Bishop Creighton Academy

Fitness testing with Year 2!

After 6 weeks of fitness testing, yesterday Year 4 had the opportunutiy to share what they had learnt with Year 2.
Year 4 have been learning all about what happens inside their bodies and how exercise affects us. Each week they have completed a fitness test, recorded their scores and then observed changes in their body. Yesterday their challenge was to take everything they have learnt about the body, fitness and exercise and teach the fitness routine to a Year 2 child. The children were paired up and then had to visit each station. The Year 4s had to explain and model each exercise, they then had to show the Year 2 children which parts of the body they will be using. The fitness testing was extremely successful, with all of the children completing the fitness circuit! The Year 4s were encouraging their body, giving them support and cheering them on. It was lovely to see Year 4 teaching another child! Myself and Mrs Thompson were extremely impressed with the behaviour and effort that we witnessed yesterday, all of the children should be very proud of theirselves.