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Bishop Creighton Academy

Egg-cellent Experimenting!

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 4 began an experiment all to do with how different liquids affect our teeth! 
This term our theme topic is all about what happens inside us! This week our learning has focused on teeth in humans and in animals. First we learnt about the different teeth we have and their functions, then we compared our teeth to animal teeth! In our next lesson we looked more specifically at how to keep our teeth healthy, and what could happen if we don't brush them properly! To investigate the affect liquids that we drink have on our teeth, we carried out an experiment. We used eggs to represent our teeth because the shell represents the enamel on our teeth. We placed six eggs in six different liquids that we drink on a weekly basis! We made sure it was a fair test by measuring the same amount of each liquid, the same size eggs and they have been stored in the same place. We have all made predictions about which liquid we think will have the biggest effect on the egg shell (enamel). Next week we are going to observe the changes and write up our results! It was egg-cellent fun, and we are very egg-cited to see the results!