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Bishop Creighton Academy

Summer has arrived!

With the field basking in sunshine, year 4 were ​feeling very lucky that Thursday afternoons are our PE slot!
Although we're nearing the end of the fourth week of summer term 1, today is perhaps the first day it officially felt like summer! Even on the way to school, the weather felt warm and the sun was out, and as the day comtinued the temperature reached around 21 degrees! it was a good job most of the children arrivived at school today in their summer uniform; shorts, skirts and summer dresses! Lucky for us, on a thursday afternoon we have a PE session with Mr Gibbons. This term we are building on the cricket skills we had learnt last year. We have practiced our throwing and catching technique, and last week we spent time practicing how to bat. This week we had an opportunity apply our skills into a real game, we were split into teams and had a mini tournament. It was even better that the sun was shining, although we all seemed to be very hot and sweaty by the end!
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