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Bishop Creighton Academy

Philosophy in the sunshine!

As part of their P4C (Philosophy 4 Children) learning, Year 4 have been working on their thinking skills and presenting skills. Today, the children delivered their presentations to the rest of the class, and due to the beautiful weather they got to do it outside in the sunshine!
Each week, Year 4 have a philosophy lesson with Mrs Smith. These sessions provide opportunities for the children to discuss scenarios and ideas and to work on their thinking skills. The children have been thinking about why thinking skills are important. Drawing on previous lessons, one of the whole class targets was to improve on their presentation skills and communicating ideas with others. So in groups, the children planned their ideas, created a poster and then presented them to the rest of the class. Hopefully now, Year 4 can use what they have learnt to improve their thinking skills in P4C sessions! Super presentations Year 4, it was even better that you got to deliver them in the sunshine on the stage!