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Bishop Creighton Academy

Class Blog Y6 2018

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  • Fascinating Fossils!

    Published 30/01/18, by Kayley Snell

    As part of our evolution and inheritance topic, Year 6 have been learning all about fossils and their importance!

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 16/01/18, by Kayley Snell

    Today, Year 6 had the opportunity learn about our current theme topic, Evolution and Inheritance, in an interactive and exciting way! Chris and his team of interesting, exotic animals, from ZooLab visited Bishop Creighton to spend the afternoon talking about evolution and adaptation. Not only did we learn an abundance of facts about a range of animals and how they have adapted, we also got to handle these intriguing creatures too!

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  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

    Published 07/12/17, by Kayley Snell

    On Wednesday the 6th of December our annual festivities  kicked off with a pantomime and Christmas lunch! 

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  • Maths + Literacy = FUN!

    Published 01/12/17, by Kayley Snell

    Today we added a page of literacy with a fraction of maths and we ended up with a lot of fun and learning! 

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  • We're feeling SPAGtastic! 

    Published 29/11/17, by Kayley Snell

    In Year 6 we have been busy practicing and testing our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills (SPaG)! 

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  • School Council Meeting 24/11/17

    Published 27/11/17, by Kayley Snell

    On Friday the 24th of November, the school council members, who were elected by their peers, met for their first meeting since being appointed. 

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  • Year 6 Yoga! 

    Published 24/11/17, by Kayley Snell

    Today we experienced our very first taste of Yoga. Initially, some of us weren’t sure what to expect, however by the end of the session, we didn’t want to stop.

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  • A Story of Hope

    Published 20/11/17, by Kayley Snell

    Today in assembly we discussed the core value Hope and why it is important to never lose hope!

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  • Heroes Training - Humanutopia

    Published 07/11/17, by Kayley Snell
    Today Vipers took part in their second day of the Humanutopia project, following on from their initial Big Jump Conference last month at the Newark Hill Academy.  We began by discussing what we could remember from the Big Jump conference and
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  • Time Travellers...

    Published 07/11/17, by Kayley Snell

    On Monday the 6th November Year 6 travelled back in time to 1941 to experience an immersive World War 2 day. To enhance the experience everyone dressed accordingly in typical 1940s WW2 dress, the children came as evacuees (the looked fantastic) and the staff dressed as ‘Land Girls’.

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  • Who Am I?

    Published 05/11/17, by Vicki Redhead

    To follow on from the Who Am I? theme discussed at the Big Jump, Year 6 have embarked on a series of art lessons focusing on developing their self-identity and sense of self...

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  • Wreath Making

    Published 01/11/17, by Kayley Snell

    On Wednesday the 1st of November six Year 6 pupils were chosen to represent BCA in a wreath making competition at Dogsthorpe Academy. 

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