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Bishop Creighton Academy

Class Blog Y6 2018

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  • Animal Art!

    Published 12/07/18, by Kayley Snell

    Year 6 have been creating beautiful art this week! 

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  • Superhero Writing!

    Published 25/06/18, by Kayley Snell

    Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have used their laser focus to improve their independent writing! 

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  • World Cup 2018

    Published 15/06/18, by Kayley Snell

    Year 6 have been learning all about the 2018 World Cup!

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  • Can we be successful entrepreneurs?

    Published 07/06/18, by Kayley Snell

    To kick-start our final theme topic (Mini Enterprise), we have been learning all about business and what an entrepreneur is!

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  • Maths Week - Thirsty Work!

    Published 24/04/18, by Kayley Snell

    As part of Maths Week, the Vipers applied their understanding of ratio, proportion, percentages and fractions into a real-life context in the form of creating and making a brand new flavour of juice! 

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  • Humanutopia - Heroes Peer Mentoring!

    Published 23/04/18, by Kayley Snell

    After receiving Heroes mentor training, Year 6 met with their Year 4 mentee to complete their first session together! 

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  • ProKick Challenge

    Published 29/03/18, by Kayley Snell

    On Wednesday the 28th of March, Year 6 participated in the ProKick challenge!

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  • Hard work pays off! 

    Published 22/03/18, by Kayley Snell

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  • Antony Gormley Art Project

    Published 16/03/18, by Kayley Snell

    Today, Year 6 had the exciting opportunity to work with Katherine and Lauren from Vivacity. They came to tell us about Antony Gormley, the famous artist who designed the sculpture the Angel of the North, and how he is going to be creating three exhibition statues that will be placed in Peterborough City Centre. 

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  • Sensational Science at CoPA

    Published 15/03/18, by Kayley Snell

    Despite the rainy weather, year 6 ventured to City of Peterborough Academy (CoPA) on Thursday the 15th of March, to participate in a ‘sensational’ science event!

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  • We are (going to be) Superheroes!

    Published 09/03/18, by Kayley Snell

    On Friday the 9th of March, Kamal Hyman launched his 6 week superhero programme with Year 4 and Year 6!

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  • World Book Day 2018

    Published 04/03/18, by Kayley Snell

    This week we have celebrated world book day, find out about it, as told by Awat and Harry!

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