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Bishop Creighton Academy

Circus Skills

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town!

Today we had a fantastic start to the new half term with a circus skills day! The day started with a whole school assembly where we saw lots of different pieces of equipment and a few tricks. This was then followed by a workshop where we all got to try out the different activities. Some children surprised themselves and the adults with the skills! Activities available were;

*Plate spinning

*Scarf juggling

*Balancing large peacock feathers

*Flower sticks

*Ribbon twirling


Visit our photo gallery to see the fun we had!


After the workshop we headed back to class for a circus themed day which will continue tomorrow and maybe even the rest of the week as we have had so much fun!

Activities available in the classroom included;

*Tightrope walking (walking along a masking tape line on the floor)

*Balancing a clown on your finger - cutting around the clown then adding paper clips to the arms as weights

*Counting circus objects

*Circus small world tray

*Circus skills outdoors using a range of PE equipment

*Design a new tie for a clown

*Design a new clown face

*Circus repeating patterns

*Labels for circus objects

*Quoit throwing into numbered hoops then adding up the numbers to find how many points have been scored

Click here to see photos of our circus activities