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Bishop Creighton Academy


Have you ever had a tiger come to tea? Well, that's been our focus text this week and we've had so much fun!

The week started with us reading "The Tiger Who Came To Tea". This generated much excitement amongst the children, particularly when he ate and drank everything in Sophie's house!

The children have talked about healthy and unhealthy foods and learnt the importance of a balanced diet. We talked about our favourite food and drink.

We have written our own shopping lists for our own tiger party. Sandwiches were a popular choice! The children have also been learning to play "The Shopping Game" which is one of Mrs Baldock's favourite games!

In maths we have been using our hands to feel Numicon shapes in a bag to try to identify them. It was very tempting to have a peek inside! We learnt that we can put the Numicon pieces together to make other numbers such as 2 & 3 to make 5. We explored laying the pieces of top of each other to see the relationship between the numbers. 

Our art this week saw us looking in detail at Rousseau's "Tiger in a Tropical Storm" painting. The children noticed the many shades of green on the foliage and talked about what the tiger might be doing and where he might be going. Using a range of craft materials they created their own version of the famous painting.

Outdoors, the children have had lots fo fun creating an interesting menu for the tiger in the mud kitchen! They have used a range of natural resources to create anything from Stone soup to Chocolate mud cake! Yummy!

Click here for more photos of our learning this week.