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Bishop Creighton Academy

Numbers all around

Where can you find numbers at BCA?

Stop any child in Penguin Class and they will be able to tell you that numbers are everywhere at BCA! This week we went off on a number hunt and were surprised by the many places we found numbers. There are even number in our toilets! The children were given an iPad to share with a partner and they worked together to take photos. Click here to see our photos in our gallery.

We have also been using numbered birthday cards to talk about our ages and put the cards in number order from 1 to 10. Using Numicon cards we have made playdough cakes then added the same number of candles to our cake. Lots of careful counting was in order!


On our funky fingers table we had to use the tweezers to move cubes to the dishes. This was linked to our counting by having to recognise and read the numeral then put the correct number of cubes into the dish.