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Bishop Creighton Academy

Nene Valley Railway Trip

Today we went on our final trip of the year to Nene Valley Railway!

This term our theme has been "A Ticket To Ride". We have used the text "The Magic Train Ride" as our stimulus, exploring a different station each week. Today was our turn to explore a station; Wansford station!

The children eagerly boarded the coach for the short journey to Wansford. Once at the station we went onto the platform and into an old fashioned waiting room for our session where we learnt how a steam engine works.

We learnt the importance of coal, water, steam and pistons in making the engine move. After hearing all about how the engine works, we went outside and stood up on the bridge. We were delighted to see Thomas the Tank engine in his shed looking out at us! As we were high up it gave us a wonderful view of the engine sheds, carriages, engines and signal box. The children excitedly watched as the engine that was going to pull our train made it's way up the track then reversed to couple up to the carriages. We saw the difference between smoke and steam and took time to take in the sights, smells and sounds of a working train station!

Beofre long it was time to head down the steps and onto the platform ready to board the train. We were in the maroon carriage, right at the very back! The seats inside were rather bouncy but very comfortable! We took our seats and waited for the whistle from the station master to let the train know everyone was ready to go. We headed up the line to Yarwell where the train stopped and we got to see the engine turn around and go from the front of the train to the back! We were now at the very front of the train heading back through Wansford and on to Overton! The journey took us through a very dark tunnel which was made even darker by turning off the lights for a brief moment! Thankfully we made it out of the tunnel safely. On we travelled through the countryside spotting cows in the fields, ducks and swans on the river.

It wasn't long before we arrived at Overton. This was our stop! We safely climbed off the train and walked the short distance into Ferry Meadows for our long awaited lunch! The children enjoyed talking about the different trees, flowers and wildlife they could see on their walk. After lunch we headed to the Badger play area for a quick play. The climbing frame was amazing and we all agreed that it would be great to have something similar in school!

Tired and weary after our great adventures, the children headed back through the parkland to the station ready to catch our train back to Wansford. The children sat beautifully waiting for the train and took time to chat to the station staff telling them about the fun they had had. The journey back to Wansford was over in no time and we then said our goodbyes before getting on the coach back to school.

The children were an absolute credit to the school today with their superb manners and behaviour. They asked lots of questions and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with others.

Well done Little Penguins for being such super stars and for another fantastic trip. We can't wait to see what super writing they produce over the coming days.

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