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Bishop Creighton Academy

Oh help, Oh no, It's a... Gruffalo!

This week has been all about The Gruffalo!

This week we have been using the story of The Gruffalo as our key text after finding ourselves at the Magic Wood station whilst on The Magic Train Ride.

The children have loved listening to the story, identifying the rhyming words and retelling the story using the puppets.

Our Funky Fingers this week has been to add purple prickles to the back of the Gruffalo attaching them with paper clips. This has proved a very challenging activity, but the children have shown great determination and perseverance to complete the task.




Using play dough the children have made their own Gruffalo. Once complete the children used the Chatterpix app on the iPads to make their Gruffalo talk. Here is an example of our work;




You can see more of our Gruffalo models in our gallery.