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Bishop Creighton Academy

Bike/Scooter Day

All aboard for our new theme, A Ticket to Ride!

The Summer term has seen a move of theme to one of many adventures with a title A Ticket To Ride. Over the term the children will be sharing journeys they have made with family and/or friends as well as considering the different places in the UK and abroad that they would like to visit. We will be using Google Maps to locate places around Peterborough and further afield. THe children will be learning about different types of transport and comparing modern vehicles to those from long ago.

To start our theme we have chosen a mode of transport that the children are very familiar with - Bikes and Scooters! Today the children were invited to bring their bike or scooter to school and use it as part of their learning!

We started the day by comparing a trike, bike with stabilisers and a bike without stabilisers. We talked about the similarities and differences;

Emily's bike has four wheels, that yellow one has three wheels and Aronas' blue bike has only got two wheels.


All of the bikes have got wheels, a seat, handle bars and pedals.


We wrote labels for the different parts of the bike and talked about how each part works and why it is there. We learnt the words; seat, pedals, wheels, tyres, brakes, handle bars, frame, bell, puncture.

We have also been writing sentences about bikes;

Click here to see photos of us seeing how fast we can go on our bikes/scooters and then trying out the brakes to help us stop!