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Bishop Creighton Academy

Paws & Claws!

Happy New Year! Our new theme is "Paws & Claws"

Before Christmas the children enjoyed playing with the different animals within the small world area and were asking lots of questions about where they lived, what noises they made and what they ate, so we decided that our new theme for the Spring term would be called "Paws & Claws". Our journey begins with us learning about Pets, before moving to wild animals, farm animals and maybe even going back in time to the land of the dinosaurs!

For the first week and a half the children have really engaged in the new Vets role play area. As many of the children have never been to a vets we spent some time watching some clips online to find out all about Vets and what they do. Ferne & Rory's vet tales on CBeebies has proved very popular and a great source of information! Why not take a look yourselves by clicking on the logo below?!



The children have been talking about their own pets and ways they help to care for them.

I take my dog Rosie for a walk. She runs very fast!


I got a dog called Bax and she is very fluffy!


My nanny has got a Westie dog and she likes to run around the caravan when we go on holiday. We go on the beach and she runs on the sand.

Joshua A

We have been painting pictures of pets - either our own pet, a pet which belongs to a family member, or a pet we would like to have if we could choose one!


Using the iPads we have been exploring the Vets on Simple City, Purple Mash. Within this program the children can create their own animal scene. As they click on the animals and associated objects it names them, so the children have also been learning new vocabulary whilst exploring! Why not log in to your child's Purple Mash account and get them to show you for themselves?!

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