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Bishop Creighton Academy

Hand Washing

Are you an expert hand washer? Penguin Class have been learning all about good hand hygiene.

With all the winter bugs and germs currently going around we have been learning about the importance of good hand hygiene to help prevent us getting poorly and having to miss lots of fun learning in school.

The children have been introduced to our special toucan UV lamp. By rubbing some UV gel onto their hands the children were then able to put them under the lamp to see their hands glowing green! After a visit to the bathroom to wash and dry their hands the children then put their hands back under the lamp to see how good they really are at getting rid of those invisible germs. Lots of children were amazed to find that their finger nails and between their fingers were still glowing bright green. This meant that they hadn't been quite as thorough as they thought at washing their hands!

We watched Germbusters and learnt a song to help remind us of the importance of good hand washing. This week we are making sure that we spend a few moments longer while washing our hands so that we help keep those nasty germs at bay.

You can see more photos in our gallery.